Part man. Part Cat. All dork.

Pyre is the leader of highly trained special missions force... just like G.I. Joe! He leads a life of adventure and excitement, unlike you. Most Were-Cats are high strung, pretentious bastards, but not Pyre, oh no. He's one lazy bitch, but we'll forgive him since he'll provide us with endless entertainment and wacky hijinks. Although Pyre likes to sleep for most of the day, when he's awake he's kickin' some ass. Call him goofy, call him wacky, call him crazy... just don't call him a furry.

5'10". 160 lbs. Blue Eyes. Pale gray fur. Red mane. Look at the picture, dumb ass.

Not only does Pyre possess supernatural agility, he can manifest and control the element of fire. Also, he once ate a cow whole. For real, I was there. I was there.

Psychic Abilities: Class 3. In cat form, Pyre possesses the 6th sense.
Intelligence: Class 4. Above average.
Dexterity: Class 6. Superhuman skill, coordination and fighting prowess.
Stamina: Class 5. Superhuman healing factor.
Stregth: Class 4. Substantial physical power.
Powers: Class 4. Can manifest significant fire and heat.

It's all good.